BCARE is sprouted in India, Canada, USA, Rwanda and Cameroon.

BCARE's mission is to prevent further transmission of HIV by reducing NEW HIV in combinations of scientifically proven, cost-effective, and scalable interventions and prevention strategies directed towards the most vulnerable populations who are most affected by, or at greatest risk for HIV infection.r, civic-minded community. We welcome people from all over, encouraging residents to talk, youth to participate in events, and people to engage each other.

Reaching the Unreach to prevent NEW HIV transmission!

There is no stronger bond than family and our belief is we are all part of a greater extended family. Join us in our mission to STOP AIDS/ ZERO NEW HIV, ZERO DISCRIMINAION & ZERO AIDS RELATED DEATHS & by getting to know your neighbors and lending a hand when and where you can shall enable AIDS FREE Generation. Your community is our community, and we are all part of the global village together.

Equality, Dignity, Pride, Protection, Solidarity & Support for KEY Affected Population!

Awareness, Advocacy &
                      Community Mobilization


A commitment to the underserved